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  • "I have had the pleasure of both collaborating with and referring clients to Joanne. Her professional talents and skills include ; intuitive, compassionate and highly skilled as a counsellor, coach and hypnotherapist. Her sessions leave the client feeling empowered, clear and forward moving. Her personal traits; creative, entrepreneurial, warm and passionate. JoAnne is a force of nature and exudes integrity. I highly recommend JoAnne if you want to make changes with ease and grace!"
  • "JoAnne will put you through practical and spiritual processes and education that will drive you to acknowledge and let go of your challenges. She will stretch you in ways you never imagined possible. I went to JoAnne when after struggling for many years with depression and physical ailments. She helped me shift my inner feelings and thoughts like no one else could. I thank her greatly for coaching me to move from a state of victimhood to one of inner peace and freedom. She taught me so much more than I could have imagined. Whatever your goals, whatever your challenges, whatever your desires, I cannot recommend JoAnne highly enough”.​
  • " My son Brendan age 16 is a competitive golfer....when he struggled with the mental part of the game we arranged for him to see JoAnne. The sessions where a very important part of his continuing success in youth tournaments."
  • "Thank you just does not come close to saying how completely grateful I am to having found you! I wanted all these things so badly but did not know how to get there. You have been an amazing guide for me beginning my emotional freedom. Thank you from the bottom of my rock!! "
  • "JoAnne helped me overcome my fears and anxieties professionally and personally. I found her when I was somewhat desperate for change however apprehensive to believe in the process of coaching and hypnotherapy. As a business owner you don’t really want to admit your short comings. WAS I wrong! Amazing changes occurred and even though she helps you become aware of what is in the way the process she uses is mostly painless, as she is kind, genuine, clear, direct and authentic. She walks the talk, is practical, philosophical and down to earth. "
  • I wanted to email you and say that I really appreciate everything you did for me. You helped me through so much while I was in Vancouver and I believe the only reason I made it so long was because of you! Thank you so much for helping me through everything and for listening to me as that seems to be everyones weakness nowadays, they just don't want to listen. You are a great woman and one to admire! I hope one day I can become as spiritual as you and have a better understanding as to why things happen and why people act and say the things that they do."
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  • I have been using the guided meditations for a little whIle now and found them so very helpful. I found the especially helpful with training for my new job which I am proud to say I now have the job. THANK YOU!
  • I had never meditated before finding Zen4Minds. To be honest, I had a very negative attitude toward things like meditation, self-help, natural healing, etc. I thought it was just "hippie stuff" for wimps who couldn't handle their own lives. It wasn't until recently that I realized how poorly I'd been dealing with stress and the negative effects it was having on my self-esteem, productivity, and relationships. I found myself stuck with the "tough it out/suck it up/shoulder to the wheel" mindset that prevented me from seeking real ways to help myself deal with stress and anger. I'm not proud to say my most frequent coping mechanism was drinking. That's not to say I'm a teetotaler now, but given the history of alcoholism that is so pervasive in our culture in general--and my family in particular--that's not a road I'll be traveling any further. Upon experiencing a stressful event, I reach for my laptop and headphones, rather than reaching for a beer. Jo's calm, soothing voice, breathing technique, and messages full of positivity and encouragement make a great difference on any given day. At minimum they help me take a moment for myself and remember that regardless of what is happening around me, I count too. Through continued practice I've found a source of inner strength I never knew I had. I have the ability to think positively and even find myself treating others with more compassion and patience. As a result, my relationships have improved and I find myself attracting more and more friends. I was a lonely kid growing up, so this is a welcome change. Thanks to Zen4Minds I'm better able to accept my failures and frustrations, and more importantly, to celebrate my victories and progress. I value myself and recognize that I do, indeed, deserve good health, happiness, and prosperity. And so do you!
  • I am an adult with ADHD and sometimes my crazy ADHD brain does not let me sleep. Zen4Minds has helped me so much that sleep problems have become a thing of the past. It has also helped my daughter with her test anxiety. She's a brilliant student taking hard classes and sometimes anxiety gets the best of her. She went from almost failing to a B+ in one marking period. I can't say enough good things about it.


We all have a path we are meant to take ….and a path we choose.  Our purpose is to bring the two together as one. Navigate your life in the direction you chose with awareness. 

When you look, you will see…When you listen, you will hear…. When you are still, you will know!


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50% of profits go towards charitable cause through Zen 4 Puppies and the Zen Puppy Club

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