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Mental Coach, Thought Coach, Mind Coach, Visualization Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Behavioural Modification Specialist. Spiritual Mentor

From an early age JoAnne experienced signs that her path in life would revolve around helping others in areas of personal growth and development  with spiritual awareness.

She is gifted in “Mental Coaching” where one can re-frame the thoughts within the mind from limiting beliefs, negative,sabotaging thoughts, speech and actions. Helping many understand how to shift  the cause and effect of behaviours patterns, cycles, choices, thoughts and speech which block an individual from reaching their potential.




FROM JO : My passion is to help others discover their potential and that there are no limits to what you can achieve. I help people overcome the “mental” obstacles they may have. Personal coaching with me is a journey to understand how the thoughts we keep limit our potential for success, happiness, peace, and joy.  I work together with my clients to re-frame the old program (either physically, mentally or emotionally) to a modern one for optimum positive results. My coaching techniques are eclectic. Each client is unique and has an individual perception of viewing their world.  I strive to find the best techniques for each particular client and we collaborate together to achieve their goals and create mental strength.

 I am a mother, a stepmother, a partner/wife, friend, believer in a higher consciousness/God/Godliness within & around each of us! I have been a child who experienced good & bad, the bad was not so nice… feel free to ask me I am open to share, a women who married young, lost herself, divorced became a single parent, found herself, made great money and other times next to nothing, lost herself and found herself again with a deeper sense of purpose, meaning and awareness. I am still growing; clearly that never stops and I am totally good with that.  

I have discovered that I am my best when I am loving my son, my hubby, and of course, myself :-)  I feel my purpose when helping others find their way through the weeds that pop up in life! We are all human and humans make mistakes,however we can overcome them even better!


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