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Lets work together to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.  

Often we find ourselves in need of advice, guidance, a sense of direction. Most people turn to friends and family when they need a sounding board for their questions, thoughts, and feelings.

An unbiased view is often more productive as the people in our lives come with their individual perspective and their desire to protect us. In fact more often we are getting advice that is not complete but with an emotional judgement of the situation.




Personal Coaching with Jo is not just  a sounding board that reflects questions back to you. It is a mix of life coaching, relationship coaching, communication coaching and Thought Coaching. Where you can learn how your thoughts are working for you or not working for you, the types of communication gaps that occur, why and what to do, and discover methods of gaining control of your awareness, your perspective, and your thoughts.



For anyone who wants to change the way they think, feel or interact with other people.
For anyone who wishes to understand relationship dynamics, how to communicate more effectively and build positive healthy happier relationships. Or desires communication mediation.
For those who want uninterrupted time to think constructively, to let their creativity flow, solve problems and think strategically.


meditative mind mentoring


MEDITATIVE MIND THERAPY™ These sessions are a mix of bit of personal coaching and guided meditation using hypnosis techniques.

The coaching aspect is guidance on how to re frame words thoughts and actions to positive and supportive for your success.

The Meditative aspect is where you relax physical, mentally and emotionally, while I guide you into a meditative state. Reset to a healthy calm comfortable level of the mind, with supportive suggestions to release blocks,  obstacles and open your awareness to receive and achieve success in any area of your life.

Value Added Benefits feel rested relaxed, rejuvenated, recharged! Sometimes we just need to rest so deeply that we literally drain all the muck and guck of everyday life out of our entire system. LIKE TAKING YOUR MIND IN FOR TUNE UP

Gain insight and control of mental faculties. Learn focussed thinking to achieve goals. Become the writer, director and producer of your thoughts and actions
Like working with a trainer at the gym for your body…Train your mind to achieve the results you desire, great for sports, performance, acting, exams, and more.

You may also choose to use a micro session to release tension and stress.

  • MICRO SESSION single: $35/30min. usually used to de-stress, tune-up or strengthen and align the mind for single purpose(job interview, audition, exam, event etc)
  • MICRO SESSIONS package: $350 10/30min.(booked once a month, includes year membership on  sessions strictly focused on your goal, and training your mind to stay on track.



Our integrated program will help:

*Improve workforce morale
*Increase staff motivation and productivity
*Reduce short term absence
*Develop skills and coping strategies to deal with issues
*Stress management
*Conflict management
*Work life balance





SKYPE SESSIONS AVAILABLE: I work with clients in Canada, US and around the globe, by phone and Skype/Facetime.. Each session must be paid in advance by PayPal, credit card, or email bank transfer. Sessions will begin promptly at the designated time. You will need to have a Skype account and a computer with a camera. **** please do not contact via Skype unless you have confirmed booked session time, thank you.

CANCELLATION POLICY: It would be nice to have 24 hours notice, however I am very understanding so I don’t charge for cancellations. However, I do charge for missed session or no -shows.

***If you have been referred to me, please let me know by whom when you contact me. Thank you.


PHONE: 604-644-6759










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