MENTAL COACHING micro sessions

meditative mind

Tap into the power of your mind! Through the use of imagery, affirmative thinking, mental techniques, and guided meditations…you can achieve & succeed!

Do you know how to communicate with yourself to get the results that you want from life?

We work with a trainer for a healthy body, we have school and books to teach us about the world….we would benefit greatly working with a coach to help understand our thinking and to navigate our mind to think in a form that benefits our goals, our desires and our happiness. Mind wellness begins with understanding the mind !


These are Meditative Mind sessions, where you are guided into a relaxed level of the mind and positive suggestions that support your intentions are made.

You may also choose to use a micro session to release tension and stress.

  • MICRO SESSION single: $35/30min. usually used to de-stress, tune-up or strengthen and align the mind for single purpose(job interview, audition, exam, event etc)
  • MICRO SESSIONS package: $350 10/30min.(booked once a month, includes year membership on  sessions strictly focused on your goal, and training your mind to stay on track.



Deal with distractions, build mental toughness, deal with distractions, see the clear picture, develop focus, develop self-talk for confidence and motivation, face challenges, fill your mind with what matters,

1. What you think you experience.

Belief is the core to success….if you think you can you will ….if you think you can’t you won’t.

2. Focus on performing results

With consistent focus on executing and employing skills, tactics, strategy and performance or physically, mentally emotionally being the desired outcome….results, the outcome will take care of themselves

3. Develop a routine/routines 

Mental/ physical routines help to set the frame of mind and assist in mental focus and relaxation. Helping to provide the confidence and belief the work has been successfully executed to create the desired result.

4. Unbiased guidance

A mental coach works with you and your needs your skills your picture of the outcome with an unbiased emotional and mental perspective

5. Imagery & visualization to pre-think and focus

With this the mind develops a clear picture of what to do, what it will look like to achieve the result.

6. Use Imagery and visualization to practice

Mentally practicing the behaviours, skills etc. of desired goal …enhances the ability to perform and or achieve. You can use this to learn new skills or practice old ones that will benefit.

7. Design Goals

Creating and detailing goals develops motivation and sets a clear idea of the focus.

8.The choice is yours

Choose to commit!  Choose to believe Choose to succeed…the choice is only yours

9.Practice, Practice, Practice

Repetition is the key to succeeding, the more you practice the more you create mental strength and the more you succeed

10.ENJOY yourself!

Have fun doing what you need to do ….living every day,

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