the key TO SUCCUSS


Do you need a change but are uncertain where or how to start?

If you are feeling stuck, repeating patterns, unsure how to establish or achieve your goals the team at Coaching 4 Minds can provide solutions and support to help.  By engaging our process;

  • you can and will move forward
  • discover new options
  • overcome fears and obstacles
  • and unlock your infinite potential.

Whatever your challenges are …personal, emotional, physical, relationship, business, or spiritual.

Areas of Impact Through Life Coaching with Us.

  • Money – wealth, building income, financial intelligence
  • Career – business building, development trajectory, transitions, raises & promotions, resumes and interviews, career fulfillment
  • Relationships – dating, marriage, divorce, family and children
  • Communication – Workplace, family, conflict and difficult situations, romantic, internal and external communication skills/relationship
  • Balance – Balance among all the aspects of your life
  • Confidence, self-trust and happiness, living a satisfying balanced, successful life

….a deeper perspective

It is becoming more and more understood that the single aspect in our life that either pushes us forward to succeed or holds us back in our defeat is our “Thoughts”.

We are all aware of our thoughts at some level consciously … at times we are not being “aware” of our thoughts, we are coasting along with thoughts occurring one after another without truly knowing the content of what we are thinking.

This is typically our “subconscious” thoughts creating a stream of ongoing thoughts based on a previous one and on what we may be “feeling” at the time.  Some of these thought may be instigating unconscious feelings thoughts beliefs and actions that are not benefiting to our happiness and success. We all can relate to this….when we have sat back and asked ourselves

•Why did I say that?

•Why did I do that”

•Or why didn’t I …?  I can’t …..ya but!

At times these can be a team of thoughts emotions and behaviors that act like our enemies and really truly hurt us.

•Why is this?

•Why is it we so easily allow this to happen?

•why is it we are so easily unaware of what is happening until it is out of control?

•What is going on within us, that we don’t defend ourselves from ourselves?

The answer:…it is the part of our “self” the  “ego” personality that has taught the subconscious mind how to fear.

For some this occurs in large doses and profoundly affects their happiness and well being. For others this occurs in small doses less often …however it sill affects our happiness and well being. It does not matter how much only that it does.

Thought Coaching works with the premise that a person’s thoughts and feelings are the direct creation of their life and how they are experiencing it. It is “mind fitness” coaching one’s thoughts into shape like going to a gym and exercising your mind with a personal trainer. We explore the mind, the patterns and the beliefs etc from a conscious awareness (Psychotherapy) we coach and exercise the subconscious mind (hypnotherapy, meditation etc) to help the mind be & think healthy and begin creating the life you desire.

Once a person begins to be in control of their thoughts and understands clearly how to manage the thoughts daily life becomes more vibrant and joyful. Your mind is who you are …you wouldn’t be here doing anything if the mind was not functioning at some level you need it just as much as you need to breath to be “ALIVE”.

Our thoughts influence our feelings …which influence our behavior and then again influence our thoughts. At times this can become a vicious circle, on going like a magnet continuing the “same” creation of thoughts and feelings over and over. This is typically when we feel bogged down… or we can’t change something.

Our mind and body is like one big computer system…our subconscious is the operating system and software. Negative thoughts habits and beliefs are similar to programming glitches, bugs and or viruses that corrupt our ability to think “healthy” in the most beneficial way for our success and happiness. These thoughts eventually crash our system just as a virus does once it has deleted all the good working files in your computer. Notice I underline healthy…as I mean this literally where the body can become ill, sick with dis-ease.

They CAN be searched for, found and deleted and replaced with new thought files. Where you can run your life more efficiently, with more energy, more passion, more drive. Free from the weight of those old negative files

Discover your thoughts….Discover who you really are……Design the life you desire by managing your thoughts!


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